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Health Certificate Agreement

Regulations for pets traveling outside of California are governed by destination States or Foreign Countries. Those Regulations and requirements may change at any time. GlobalVetLink processes domestic travel certificates and USDA APHIS processes international travel certificates. After certificates are approved to be submitted, depending on the destination it can take anywhere from 3 days to 6 months to receive an endorsed certificate.

It is your responsibility to determine the paperwork, tests, vaccines, and identifying information required for your pet to be admitted to its destination— foreign or domestic.  It is your responsibility to know the time requirements and restrictions for vaccinations, microchip implantation, preventatives, or veterinary examinations.

We take our guidance from the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS). However, it is ultimately the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure:

  • all requirements have been completed.
  • the certificate is proofread by the pet owner for any errors/typos/misspelled information prior to submission. If an error is discovered after the owner has signed off on the proof and the pet is declined entry into the country of destination, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to complete the destination requirements and obtain a new health certificate.

We make no claim of warranty, suitability, or acceptability for international health certificates beyond our endorsement on the forms provided by the owner and/or the USDA APHIS office. We do not guarantee in any way that the form used is the correct form required by the nation or nations at the time of endorsement or at the time of travel. We do not guarantee in any way that the pet will not be required to be quarantined.