Ferndale and Fortuna Veterinary


Ferndale Veterinary has seen many changes since its establishment in 1947 by Dr. Mel Roberts and Dr. Harlan Detlefsen. It started out primarily as a large animal clinic that focused mainly on dairy and beef cattle.

Old Building

When Dr. Charles E. Ozanian purchased the hospital in 1983, he expanded the laboratory and library areas and introduced computerization to the office. Ferndale Veterinary received a much larger expansion again in 1991 with the addition of two exam rooms, radiology and dark room, surgery suite, a small dog and cat ward, kennel room, and spacious treatment room. At the time, the staff consisted of only one doctor, receptionist, technician and a bookeeper.

Over time, business grew and the staff expanded. In 1996, Ferndale Veterinary welcomed the addition of Dr. James “Kevin” Silver, who later became partners with Dr. Ozanian in the year 2000. At that point in time, Ferndale Veterinary was able to employ a third doctor to keep up with the demand of veterinary care in Humboldt County.

Ferndale Veterinary Building

In September of 2010, Dr. Ozanian and Dr. Silver expanded further with the purchase of the Fortuna Veterinary hospital from Dr. Gary Hunter. As of 2016, the Ferndale and Fortuna Veterinary hospitals now employs over 30 staff members, including six veterinarians, and provides for large, small, and exotic animals.

Ferndale Veterinary Building

In 2012, Dr. Ozanian and Dr. Silver expanded again with the purchase of the Broadway Animal Hospital in Eureka from Nick Comas (which was previously owned by Dr. Richard Krings) until it’s sale in 2017 to Dr. Marlena Folden.

Dr. Ozanian and Dr. Silver eventually decided it was time for them to pass on their legacy. So, in September of 2016, they sold the Ferndale and Fortuna hospitals to employee Dr. Kristopher Flores.

Ferndale Veterinary Building

September of 2016 was an exciting year for Dr. Flores and his family. A mere 2 weeks before the purchase of the business, he and wife Jennifer Flores, also became the proud parents of little Benjamin Flores!

Dr. Kristopher Flores is a U.C. Davis graduate who originally came to work at Ferndale & Fortuna Veterinary back in 2010 where he first met his wife, Jennifer, a registered veterinary technician. He left a year later to return to U.C. Davis where he completed a residency in population medicine and comparative reproduction. He also completed a master’s degree in veterinary preventative medicine during that time.

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